Lauren Greenwood, Owner/Designer

Hello! I'm Lauren, the owner of Seven Lantern Lane. Established in 2018, we are located in Clemson, South Carolina. My love of fashion dates back to my childhood, growing up with a mother who worked in the fashion industry.  I would travel to her New York office as a child and play with the designers and accompany her to factory visits. I ended up studying Fashion Design in college and worked in Product Development and Design in the gift and children's apparel industry for over a decade. To say I'm obsessed with children's clothes is an understatement, a peek in my children's closets is proof of my obsession. I adore children's clothes, and more so I adore being able to design them.   Thank you for visiting Seven Lantern Lane.  It is truly an honor to be able to offer clothes your family will make memories in, and hopefully, be passed down for years to come.

Family Photography Credit: Molly Hensley (Greenville, South Carolina)

Our products
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