Seven Lantern Lane Brand Rep

HI! Thank you for stopping by. I'm so glad you are interested in being a Seven Lantern Lane Brand Rep. Do you have a few questions about being a Brand Rep? Check out below.

Who takes the Brand Rep photos?

All of our Brand Rep's photos are taken by their parents. We do look for Brand Reps with beautiful photos, bright lighting, well picked backgrounds with a good focus on the clothing.

What do I get in exchange for being a Brand Rep?

Each Brand Rep receives at least one FREE outfit we pick for your child and a 10% promo code to share with their friends, family and followers to use. Some Brand Reps are so fabulous at repping they receive multiple FREE outfits and are Brand Reps for years.

Do I have to buy anything?

No, being a Brand Rep is FREE. We prefer current customers who are familiar with our brand's quality and designs. We want our Brand Reps to TRULY LOVE Seven Lantern Lane, but it is not manditory to buy anything.

Do you need boy and girl Brand Reps?

YES! We need both boys and girls as Brand Reps.

How do I apply to be a Brand Rep?

Please fill out the application below. We will notifiy you if your child is picked to be a Brand Rep. Our needs for Reps are constantly changing so you may not hear from us immediately but we may pick you for a future season down the road.


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